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Community Foundation of Fredericktown

The Fredericktown Community Foundation was established as a corporation in accordance with Chapter 1702 of the Ohio Revised Code and operates within the guidelines of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable organization.

The Foundation is committed to building the Fredericktown community, one mind at a time. Our primary purpose is to provide scholarship opportunities for the young people of our community; as well as other community building activities.

About one-half of the foundation’s scholarships are fully sponsored and self-funded in memory of, or in honor of, individuals who have made or are making significant contributions to the overall quality of life in the Fredericktown community.

In addition to self-funded scholarships, the Fredericktown Community Foundation sponsors a number of scholarships that are made possible by pooling donations of individuals or groups and by fund raising activities of the foundation.

These scholarships are also made in the name of an individual who has made or is making significant contributions to the overall quality of life in the Fredericktown community. These scholarships are a way of recognizing the contributions these individuals have made in our community.

Making Our Community Better

Our Goals

As college costs continue to increase, The Foundation has a long term goal of increasing its annual scholarship awards from the current $500 level to $750 and eventually to a $1,000 level. For now there is no timeline for the growth in scholarship awards.

A second goal is to increase the number of scholarships awarded by the foundation. This can only happen if additional community members step forward to endow a scholarship, or if our fund raising activities are successful in increasing the pool of funds available to expand the scholarship program.

Our third goal involves requests from the community for financial assistance to support programs that, in general, fit the foundation’s stated goal of community building.

Our Projects include:

Annual Scholarships

Community Library Summer Reading Program

Outdoor Learning Lab

Our Partner

Funds raised by the Community Foundation benefit the Fredericktown Community much like the Mount Vernon Community Trust supports Knox County. The Fredericktown Community Foundation works in partnership with the First Knox National Bank Trust Department for the investment of foundation funds. A full financial report is prepared annually by the Mount Vernon/Knox County Community Foundation.

To Participate Donations can be made in a variety of ways:

• Cash

• Life Insurance Beneficiaries

• Wills and Trusts

• Stocks and Bonds

• Gifts in kind, such as real estate, automobiles or other chattels.

Who Benefits? EVERYONE!

The entire community benefits as these funds are used to meet current community needs or as an endowment for the future.

 Our Scholarships include:

Bill Burgett

Vocational & Technical Award

Ollie Cline

Scholarship/Athlete Award

Bruce Levering

Leadership Award

John Ackerman

Community Service Award

Roy McKinley

Academic Scholarship Award

Rarick and Dorothy Long

Journalism Scholarship

Marjorie Fearn

Music Award

Fredericktown Academic Scholarship Bev Dremann

Early Childhood/Education Scholarship

Harold Rush

Mentoring Scholarship

Fredericktown Community Foundation