Frederick Town: Why You Should Live Here

Frederick Town is a beautiful place to live. It offers many benefits that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Frederick Town has something for everyone with its rich history, thriving business community, and scenic countryside! This blog post will explore some of the reasons why you should move to Frederick Town today.

Frederick Town is a small town with an easy commute.

The commute from Frederick Town to Baltimore is an easy 30 minutes, making it an excellent place for commuters. Many Frederick Town residents work in Washington, DC. The commute is not a problem for them because it takes less than two hours on average to get there from their homes, and most people are home by 5 pm each night.

Many of the commuters living here take advantage of the easy access to Washington D.C., which has some great food spots like El Chucho (Mexican) that are worth mentioning!

Frederick is located about 60 miles south of Baltimore and 240 kilometers north of Washington D.C., making it ideal if you want a city-like life. Still, he is seeking more affordable pricing than its more giant neighbors offer. Yet, there’s plenty within walking distance on foot if your daily routine doesn’t require going any further away right now!

The cost of living is low in this area.

The cost of living is low in this area, and it is easy to find work in Frederick Town because the unemployment rate remains low. The cost of living here is also high, meaning that people can save more money than they would in other areas.

Income for residents can vary depending on their profession, but many salaries are higher than average, between $36,000-$76,000.

The low cost of living in Frederick Town means that residents can enjoy all the luxuries and necessities without breaking the bank. The median home price is only $164,900, which translates to a monthly payment at 4% on a 30-year loan under 500K per month – an affordable amount for many renters or buyers!

The average family earns over 20 grand more than they would elsewhere because rent costs are such inexpensive thanks to living close enough while still having access to services such as restaurants, grocery stores, theaters within walking distance from your residence.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to do here, from hiking and biking to boating and fishing. There are plenty of parks for children, too!

We have a growing economy, thanks partly because we’re next-door neighbors with Washington D.C., our most famous neighbor. Our teachers make an average salary of $73,000 per year, which is the 12th highest. Frederick Town is a city for outdoor enthusiasts. From the second you wake up in your cozy bed to when it’s time to go back home and crawl under those sheets again at night – every day has something special about it! Hiking trails are waiting outside of town just as soon, with their beautiful hillsides covered in trees that have left so green they look like they’re glowing from within themselves.

A quaint little waterfall lies nearby where visitors can take refreshing dips into its calm waters on hot summer days or any other season really because not only does this place make people feel refreshed but also keeps them warm too if needed be; there’s plenty more beauty around here than what I’ve mentioned thus far which includes scenic views of the Susquehanna River and the Appalachian Mountains.


If you aren’t the outgoing type and would rather stay home and cook, replicating recipes from local restaurants,  consider getting an infrared grill. It will cook your food faster. However, don’t forget to place your grill mat on your counter to keep your kitchen clean.


There’s a lot to do for children and families here, like the Children’s Museum and Frontier Parlor.

You can find places like the Gourmet Restaurant and Café for date night or drinks with friends. The town has a lot of history, too!

  • The Town is home to Frederick College, which was initially founded in 1743. It’s now one of eight schools that comprise Frostburg State University.
  • There are lots of opportunities to explore nature in the area or watch outdoor movies.
  • The town is also home to a well-known Maryland wine producer – Catoctin Creek Vineyards!
  • You can even find opportunities for volunteering and get involved in your community!

To sum it all:

Frederick is an excellent place for people who want to live in an active, family-friendly community with plenty of things to do. If you are looking for a new home or town and need some ideas on where to start your search, this blog post provides all the information you will need. And if you’re considering moving here in 2019 but have questions about what it’s like living in our area, be sure to contact us! Our team would love the opportunity to answer any inquiries before making your decision. We can’t wait until we get the chance to meet you soon!


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